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Cedar Summit Mount Forest Lodge Playset - Do It Yourself

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20.5 Sq.Ft. Play Deck with a 4' 10" Deck Height, 2 Crows Nests, 2 Belt Swings, Acrobatic Swing, Double Wall Wave Slide, Telescope And Steering Wheel, 3-in-1 Activity Table / Picnic Bench, and More | Item #798076
4.8 out of 5
The estimated delivery time will be approximately 2 - 3 weeks from the time of order.
  • Product Details

    This item includes shipping and handling charges for delivery to your home.  The item may also be available at your local warehouse at a lower non-delivered price.

    BEFORE ORDERING: Be sure to check your local building and zoning codes and ensure that all appropriate permits have been acquired.

    IMPORTANT: This product is only for use in residential areas and is intended for up to 10 children ages 3 to 10 with a maximum weight of 110 lb. per child.

    ASTM Recommended Safety Zone (L x W): 28' 2" x 28' 6"

    Every time your child plays on the Mount Forest Lodge by Cedar Summit Premium Play Sets™ the door to imagination and creativity is opened. Cedar Summit understands that children need a safe environment to play, explore adventurous possibilities and enjoy endless hours of fun. Premium Cedar (Cunninghamia Lanceolata) lumber, the skills and dedication of associates who produce these elite play sets are bolstered by a commitment to providing innovative designs and features.

    Construction & Specifications:

    • 20.5 sq.ft. play deck with a 4' 10" deck height
    • 100% FSC-certified cedar (Cunninghamia Lanceolata) lumber
    • Pre-cut, pre-drilled and pre-stained lumber with factory applied, environmentally friendly stain
    • 9ft. 2in. extra wide A-Frame swing end (adjusts for uneven yards)
    • Heavy-duty swing hangers and swing chain
    • Overall Dimensions (L x W x H): 16' 2". x 13' 7" x 10' 9.5"
    • Assembly:
    • Pre-assembled panel design
    • Approximate Building Time for 2 People: 10 - 12 hours
    • Instruction manual with step-by-step DVD

    Upper Clubhouse
    • Multi-level wood roof with sunburst gables
    • 2 crows nests, a telescope and steering wheel
    • 4 premium windows, 2 with decorative shutters
    • 2 extra wide rounded windows

    Lower Imagination Pavilion:
    • Play clock with moveable hands
    • Spinning chalkboard sign
    • Wooden door with premium window
    • 6 premium windows
    • 3 in 1 activity table / picnic bench
    • Write on/wipe off chalk lid with tic-tac-toe
    • Sand & Water Table with play shovel
    • Picnic Bench with table top
    • 2 belt swings and an acrobatic swing with swing chain
    • Double wall wave slide
    • Side-by-side access ladder and rockwall with 2 metal safety grips and a safety bar

    • 10-year limited wooden component warranty

    Tool List (not included):
    • Tape Measure
    • Carpenter’s Level
    • Carpenter’s Square
    • Claw Hammer
    • Write on/wipe off chalk lid with tic-tac-toe
    • Standard or Cordless Drill
    • #1 Phillips, #2 Robertson & Screwdriver
    • Ratchet with Extension (1/2” & 9/16” sockets)
    • Open End Wrench (1/2” & 9/16”)
    • Adjustable Wrench
    • 1/8” & 3/16” Drill Bits
    • 3/16” Hex Key
    • 8’ Step Ladder
    • Safety Glasses
    • Adult Helpers
    • Pencil

    Please contact Cedar Summit Premium Play Sets™ Customer Service direct if you have questions about the product, warranty or need replacement parts. Call 1-877-817-5682 Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM EST, excluding holidays.
  • Specifications

    • Brand: Cedar Summit
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  • Reviews (20)
    RatedOverall Rating
    4.8 out of 5
    4.8 out of 5
    (out of 20 reviews)
    20 of 20(100%)customers would recommend this product to a friend.
    Summary of Customer Ratings & Reviews
    RatedOverall Rating
    4.8 out of 5
    4.8 out of 5
    (out of 20 reviews)
    20 of 20(100%)customers would recommend this product to a friend.
    Product Reviews
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    4 out of 5
    4 out of 5
    Date:July 28, 2014
    "We were pleased with the quality of the product and how well the items were labeled as well as the clarity of the instructions."
    5 out of 5
    5 out of 5
    Location:Seattle, WA
    Date:July 14, 2014
    Nice and Sturdy
    Pros: nice finish and sturdy construction, good instructions, no missing materials!
    Cons: uneven wood pieces requires sanding for fitment, uneven pre-drilled holes requires new holes, misleading assembly time
    Model Number: Mount Forest Lodge - F25650
    "Purchased this at our local Costco and U-Hauled it home. I assembled this by myself and it took almost three weeks at about two hours per day. I'm not a carpenter and have little wood-working experience. The instructions say two people with 10-12 hours for installation. Two amateurs with little carpentry skills will NOT complete this in 10-12 hours. Good instructions, which should be followed for the most part. Make sure the ground for this playset is on even terrain. I believe the instructions say 3" uneveness is OK. My spot was about 2" uneven and I had to purchase additional wood to level everything out. Make sure the base of the playhouse is squared up. The tricky sections for me was the large, tallest roof section and the large cross beam which the swings are attached. For the large roof section, I installed them one side at a time instead of the recommended joined roof, then having another person help lift it up. For the large cross beam, I used a ladder to hold up one end while I hoisted up the other end. Take your time and look at ahead to the next step(s) to understand why/what this current step is accomplishing. A second ladder would be useful, especially if you're building this on your own. A Dremel tool was used to shave/smooth some uneven wood pieces for better fitment. Larger drill bits were needed to create new holes since the pre-drilled holes did not line up correctly. Definitely pre-drill ALL (if not most) of the holes for the required screws. You can hear/see the wood splitting without pre-drilling. I used a standard cordless drill without any problems. A ratchet was used to finally tighten all bolts. For me, this was a fun little project since I enjoy building/tinkering with things. My two kids really enjoy it. The finish looks great. For me, the fitment was about 99% good since one section had pre-drilled holes which did not line up. I would enjoy building this again."
    5 out of 5
    5 out of 5
    Location:Dallas, Texas
    Date:June 27, 2014
    Great Purchase
    Pros: looks custom-made, great quality of all parts
    Cons: stain on wood dissipates quickly
    Model Number: F25650
    "My husband and I purchased the playset from our local Costco store, and hauled it home ourselves. We decided to buy this great play set for our son's second birthday. Even though he's still little, we know he will enjoy this for years. We hired a local company, Dallas Playsets, to install it for us. It was just one person who installed it and it took him 6 hours. The guy was very efficient and said he had assembled 40+ of these by the end of May. The slide and swings are even fun for the grown ups (or big kids).
    We've had this set for about a month but it looks like the heat/weather is taking a toll on the stain of our cedar play set. I don't know if the set is pre-sealed but I would look into investing into that if you live in the South. Especially in Texas, we have extreme heat and humidity during the summer.
    Also, most assembly companies can haul the play set from the local store to your house for an additional amount."
    1 of 1 people found this review helpful.
    4 out of 5
    4 out of 5
    Location:Grand Rapids, MI
    Date:June 18, 2014
    Overall great playset!
    "We have had this playset installed for about 2 weeks now. My boys are 7 and 2 and they both love it. It seems very sturdy and I love the look of it. We paid to have it installed and it took 2-3 guys about 14 hours over a period of days. Definitely glad we did not attempt it ourselves, but we are not handy! Minor cons: As another reviewer said, an extra foot of width in the clubhouse levels would have been nice. The slide is very fast for my 2 year old, and the sandbox seems to be a dud. Despite having the lid firmly on, a slight rain soaked all of the play sand. :( Other than those small issues, though, we love it and would definitely recommend it!"
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