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Johnston County Hams Whole Bone-in Prosciutto Style Country Ham

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Dry Cured, Hickory Smoked, Aged 6 Months, 13 lbs. Minimum | Item #424194
3.9 out of 5
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  • Product Details

    The original Johnston County Ham! Our country ham is annually lauded by food critics as “The Best Country Ham in America.” Dry cured, slow hickory smoked and delicately aged to perfection, our original Johnston County Hams have a unique, gently smoked aroma and mellow, lightly-salted taste. No one has ever been able to recreate our two generations of country curing knowledge; our hams are truly a gourmet delicacy. Our secret 6 month curing process creates a ham with a deeper, richer aroma with a drier finish. Refrigerate and wrap the ham with foil or butcher paper once the ham has been cut. To keep your ham the freshest we recommend wrapping the ham to prevent the meat from drying out.   

    • Whole, Bone-In, Dry Cured, Genuine Country Style Ham
    • 13 lbs. minimum weight
    • Hickory smoked and then carefully aged for six months
    • Does not require refrigeration immediately upon arrival
    • Store in a cool, dry place, wrapped in butcher paper
    • For best enjoyment, use within 3 months of delivery
    • Salt curing gives a smoky salty flavor like Prosciutto
    • This is not like an "Ordinary Grocery Store Ham" item
    • Slice thin like you would for a Prosciutto style ham
  • Specifications

    • Brand: Johnston County Hams
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  • Reviews (54)
    RatedOverall Rating
    3.9 out of 5
    3.9 out of 5
    (out of 54 reviews)
    42 of 54(78%)customers would recommend this product to a friend.
    Summary of Customer Ratings & Reviews
    RatedOverall Rating
    3.9 out of 5
    3.9 out of 5
    (out of 54 reviews)
    42 of 54(78%)customers would recommend this product to a friend.
    Product Reviews
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    5 out of 5
    5 out of 5
    Location:Virginia, Washington, DC Suburbs
    Date:May 28, 2014
    Excellent Country Ham
    Pros: great country ham for a reasonable price
    Cons: don't expect prosciutto or city ham with this ham
    "First, for the price this is an excellent country ham. I grew up in North Carolina and live in Virginia now, so I’ve eaten country hams all of my life. I’ve had some that were so salty that they were inedible and others that were not properly cured. We recently bought our first Johnston County Ham through Costco and are enjoying it very much. For a southern country ham it strikes just the right balance of saltiness. We plan to order another for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
    Second, this ham is neither prosciutto-style nor “city” ham. If you buy it expecting one of those styles you will be disappointed. Country ham must be cooked. It cannot be eaten raw. The moisture content is too high and it has not been cured long enough. If you want a prosciutto-style ham that can be sliced very thinly and eaten with no further cooking (beyond the curing) you will have to pay up and buy one of the more expensive, genuine prosciutto-style products. “City” hams are those associated with Easter or Thanksgiving dinners, or sliced deli ham. They are pinkish in color, softer in texture, and more lightly cured than are country hams. I would surmise that many of the people unhappy with the country ham found it too salty because they were expecting a “city” ham product.
    Finally, my favorite way to cook country ham is to slice it about one-eighth of an inch thick (much thicker than you would slice a prosciutto-style ham) and cook briefly in a cast-iron skillet. Then, eat the slices in a split biscuit, or with grits and red-eye gravy."
    1 of 1 people found this review helpful.
    5 out of 5
    5 out of 5
    Location:Bay Area, California
    Date:May 24, 2014
    excellent quality ham
    Pros: really delicious
    Cons: a little bit long wait for delivery
    "Ham tasted very well and quality is super buy for the price"
    1 out of 5
    1 out of 5
    Date:February 5, 2014
    what a deciving name
    Pros: smells and looks good
    Cons: not even close to a prosciutto
    "Well all I like to say is that
    I'm full blooded italian living in the US for 22 years,
    I had a lot of prosciutti included the coscto jamon serrano (great by the way)
    but calling this a prosciutto style is a disgrace to the poor pig that sacrifice his/her leg
    2 of 2 people found this review helpful.
    3 out of 5
    3 out of 5
    Date:January 7, 2014
    Not 13 lbs
    Pros: great taste
    Cons: less than 13 lbs.
    "Great country ham except for the fact that the 13 lb minimum came in at 11.1 lbs. Not quite the 13lbs I paid for."
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