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Shark® Sonic Duo™ PRO Carpet & Hard Floor Cleaner

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2 scrub modes for hard floors and carpets, AirGlide Maneuverability and Swivel Steering for easy cleaning. Professional Grade Bumper protects walls and furniture. XL 35' Power Cord. | Item #772781
3.8 out of 5
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    The Shark® Sonic Duo™ PRO promises a quick, powerful, and easy way to remove stuck on dirt that holds allergens & odors from carpets, area rugs, and hard floors. It is a Total Floor Care System that cares for, cleans, and finishes all hard floor surfaces AND carpets. It is convenient to use and provides a better clean with less effort every time. Carpets & Area Rugs are rejuvenated and left looking cleaner and brighter, and smelling fresher. Hard Floors are deep cleaned and are left with a beautiful non-streak finish with no dulling residue.  The Shark® Sonic Duo™ PRO comes with two scrub modes that allow you to further tailor your cleaning process to your unique floor care needs. The washable pads and concentrated non-toxic cleaning solutions add value – each bottle of concentrate makes 7 bottles or diluted ready-to-use solution! For the first time ever you can have powerful cleaners that break apart stuck-on dirt and grime, but are also gentle, non-toxic and safe around your kids and pets.

    • 2 scrub modes for Hard floors and Carpets –1000 Scrubs per minute
    • 7 to 1 Concentrated Non-Toxic Gentle Cleaning Solutions – safe for family & pets
    • Hard Floor Solution, Carpet Solution, Spot Remover and Polish Solution
    • Microfiber Washable Pads specialized for Hard Floor and Carpet Cleaning
    • AirGlide Maneuverability, Swivel Steering and XL Power Cord for easy cleaning
    • Perfect for Carpets, Area Rugs, Hardwood, Tile, Vinyl, and Stone surfaces

    • Color: Blue
    • Dimensions: 9.5" L x 11.5" W x 46.5" H
    • Weight: 11 lbs.
    • Warranty: Five (5) Year Warranty

    Model: SP1000
  • Specifications

    • Brand: Shark
    • Motor Current Rating: 15 Amps
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  • Reviews (13)
    RatedOverall Rating
    3.8 out of 5
    3.8 out of 5
    (out of 13 reviews)
    9 of 13(69%)customers would recommend this product to a friend.
    Summary of Customer Ratings & Reviews
    RatedOverall Rating
    3.8 out of 5
    3.8 out of 5
    (out of 13 reviews)
    9 of 13(69%)customers would recommend this product to a friend.
    Product Reviews
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    5 out of 5
    5 out of 5
    Date:November 4, 2013
    Very pleased!
    "Admittedly, I got caught up watching the "Shark Sonic Duo" infomercial on TV. I was intrigued so looked on just to see if they had it. They did. Knowing Costco stands behind their products I decided to purchase in store. I used it on my area rug as soon as I got home. It wasn't as noticable as it was on TV (I think they throw down dirt to make it look worse) but walking out of the room and back in, it looked better. I used it on some pet stains in the basement and it really made a big difference. I'll have to wait a bit to see if they come back but so far I'm very pleased!! I haven't used it on the hardwood floors or ceramic yet but plan to.
    Overall, it's very light and easy to use. I really can't imagine using it on wall-to-wall carpets for a whole house cleaning but I guess I would if I had time. It definitely works on spots. Only time will tell if they return.
    For the record, I never write reviews but was looking for some myself before purchasing and there weren't any so here's my first. Hope this helps. :-)"
    55 of 55 people found this review helpful.
    1 out of 5
    1 out of 5
    Location:Fairfield, CT
    Date:November 10, 2013
    Pros: none
    Cons: all of it
    "Unfortunately I bought this mop hoping it would clean my hard wood floors. I used as directed. Painfully slow. After an hour my hard wood floors looked clean. So I decided to make sure by wetting a paper towel and running it over my clean floors. Enormously disappointing. The paper towel was covered in dirt. This product merely moves dirt, doesn't clean your floors. Thats why when you do it the old fashioned way with a mop and bucket your bucket of water and soap is black with dirt after cleaning. Save yourself some money unless you want a new toy that doesn't do what it says. The Shark company has done a great job at marketing their "sexy" product.7+ different products to choose from… and for most of the civilized world there are only two surfaces to clean - hard floors or carpet… so why so many products? The genius of marketing. Good for Shark for making a fortune, bad for the consumer who buys their product thinking they are getting clean floors"
    16 of 21 people found this review helpful.
    5 out of 5
    5 out of 5
    Location:Walnut Creek, CA
    Date:November 17, 2013
    Pleasantly surprised!
    Pros: user friendly and does the job!
    Model Number: SP1000
    "Was way more impressed than what I had expected from the product. Initially thought something that was promoting the capability to clean floors and carpeting was more hype than anything else. Would have been satisfied if it did a good job on only just the floor, but to clean the carpeting just as well, was really a pleasant surprise.
    The hardwood floor never came out as clean as it did with this machine, when my wife used to clean it with a mop. The wall to wall carpet also came out nice, as did the carpeted stairs (light enough to carry to do each step of the stairs) and area rugs, considering it was the first time. Can imagine how it will only get brighter with more usage. The stain spot removal really works too. The polish was the only thing I did not use yet, due to concern about the floor becoming too slippery for our Jack Russell Terrier.
    What's so impressive about the product is that it does a great job, with very little effort. Just snap on the pads, for floor, carpet, or polishing, and unsnap afterwards. Threw it into the washer (must use liquid detergent only), and it came out very nice. Quite light and swivels. Overall, very user friendly and efficient.
    Be sure to read and follow instructions on the manual for the different cleaning options."
    19 of 19 people found this review helpful.
    5 out of 5
    5 out of 5
    Location:San Jose, CA
    Date:January 1, 2014
    Excellent Cleaning Machine
    Pros: easy to use light weight
    Cons: none for now
    Model Number: Shark Sonic Duo Pro
    "I can't begin to tell you how many steam cleaners, swiffers, and other floor cleaning machines I have tried and they all were failures. At first the machine looks a little intimidating. I went slow and read everything and then went online to look at some video reviews and instructions. I was able to do it all by myself without the help of my husband. This purchase was specifically for the laminate floors in my house and the tile floor in the bathrooms. I was also pleased that it cleaned carpets as well. I have before and after pictures of my carpets and it's unbelievable how clean they are after one use. The videos show the dirt and stains coming off almost immediately. Not true, it takes about 5-10 minutes in a small area for it to come clean to where you don't see any stains. That was okay with me. Mind you, my carpets are over 25 years old. We had a Christmas party and wine was spilled on them as well. I bought this yesterday, 12/31/13. It was on sale and knowing Costco has a very good return policy, I decided to go for it. My husband is amazed at how clean our carpets are. You can still see where my cat sharpens her claws on the carpet, but other than it being flat in a few areas from wear, the carpet looks wonderful. I then tried it on my Pergo floors starting with the kitchen. I always got a cloudy look to the floors and all I use is water. I used this new Shark Duo Pro and the cleaner. The floors still looked dull, but no streaks anywhere. I then got out their polish they provide and my floors are beautiful. Again, my husband says the floor has never looked this good since it was installed. Also, the machine itself is light and easy to maneuver. I absolutely love it."
    13 of 13 people found this review helpful.
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